Wonderful Pistachios

How do you sell pistachios when all pistachios are the same?
By changing the name to something much more appropriate. Like, Land Clam, for example.

Phase 1: The Question


During the launch of this campaign, Wonderful’s website will reroute to where users will vote to choose the name they think fits best: Pistachio, or Land Clam.

Out of Home

Out of home placements will drive voters to the website.

Digital Board

Bus Stop

Subway takeover

Subway Interior

Phase Two: The Arrival

Once Land Clams inevitably emerge victorious, we will announce the arrival of a superior shelled snack.

Stadium Promotion and Vendors

Land Clams Aquarium Takeover

Just because they come from the land doesn’t mean they can’t be enjoyed in close proximity to aquatic life.

Chopped Partnership

Land Clams will be a featured ingredient on an episode of the cooking show Chopped.




AD: Mike Rodriguez