NYC Stone Skipping Tournament

The story of this tournament starts with a mysterious ad I saw on the L line last June. I am hesitant to show it here because it may outshine every other piece of advertising in this portfolio. But here goes.

As a life-long stone skipping enthusiast, saying this intrigued me would be an understatement.
I grabbed a number, and reached out. The banter was classic medieval shtick.


When I showed up to Prospect Park, getting axe murdered seemed more likely than participating in a stone skipping tryout hosted by a wizard.

  But when I realized that even magic men get stuck in traffic, I became less worried.

Surprisingly, I was the only person that showed up to the tryouts, so I was named apprentice-by-default. We celebrated with a nice bowl of Pho, and plotted our next move. 

We deemed it appropriate and highly necessary to organize a tournament. The winner would take home the coveted Champion’s Stone.

We knew we were good, but were we the best in the city? 

We were not :(