If we know anything about white people, it’s this:

1. We ignore our privilege.
2. We love a good kombucha.

For many white cis-gender straight Americans, it’s too easy to look the
other way when it comes to social issues that they feel don’t affect them.

So we put these issues somewhere they couldn’t resist - Kombucha bottles.


The first kombucha brand dedicated to upsetting minds while settling stomachs.

Our teas are completely homemade and feature black tea, assorted fruits,
and a hard-to-swallow breakdown of a social issue right on the back label!

Although the write-ups are a joke, the issues are very real. That’s why every bottle
links to a non-profit organization dedicated to solving the issue being discussed.


Original Complici-Tea

There are a lot of things we could’ve done to make this tea better.

We could’ve added a little sugar to make it sweeter.

We could’ve added a little fruit to make it fruitier

We could’ve started a non-profit or movement to fight the systemic and institutionalized inequalities that face millions of americans everyday.

But like most things that we have the power to change in America,

we didn’t do anything about it at all.

Non-Profit: JCLA

Send your tastebuds south of the border, where they belong!

We believe authentic Mexican flavor comes from authentic Mexican experiences.  

That’s why we separate every bottle of Depor-tea from its family and isolate it in a cell without food, natural light, or human contact. Then we ship it off to wherever we think it belongs.

We’re not 100% sure it improves the tea, but it sure does give us a false sense of security!

Non-Profit: NILC

20% less for the same exact price!  

Our first tea formulated specifically for women is flavored with fresh strawberries and adapts perfectly to the needs of our female friends who do just as much as men but typically receive only four fifths of the compensation.

Drink up, ladies!

Non-Profit: NWLC

Brewed with: Evan Chiplock